A woman’s asshole is a beautiful thing…

Welcome back to Her BackSide. Today I am going to get technical up in here. I hope you dont mind. And I hope that you find this post very informative. now if you are reading this you probably love a womans ass almost as much as i do. We all love to see a girls ass in jeans or her naked ass from behind but right now i would like to get more specific and I’ll be talking about a beautiful part of a woman’s backside anatomy… her asshole.

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Most guys are so mesmerized by a woman’s vagina they dont pay enough attention to her tight little asshole. The medical term for asshole is “anus“. A woman’s anus is an erogenous zone that you shouldnt overlook!

woman's asshole
This guy forgets. Dont forget to stimulant a woman’s asshole while you have sex with her!

Here’s the definition of an erogenous zone: “An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity and stimulation of which normally results in sexual response.” And without doubt, a girl’s asshole has heightened sensitivity and serious sexual response when stimulated. And here’s a secret – the thicker the object inserted into the anus, the higher the pleasure.

Thats right. The thicker and longer the cock or dildo that a woman can handle inserted into her anus the more turned on she will get generally speaking. This is due to the fact that alot of the nerve endings are situated on the inner ring of the anus. So the sexual pleasure is increased the more you stretch her anus open. That’s awesome.

Of course a woman has to be willing to have her anus stimulated. Some girls have yet to learn the pleasures of anal stimulation and when you touch their assholes they instinctly tightened up and clench their ass muscles to protect their virginal poopchute from further interaction. These girls dont know what they are missing. Then there are the girls that are more open minded and comfortable with anal stimulation and achieve incredible orgasms when pounded in the ass by a big cock. Or simply love having wet fingers inserted into their ass while their pussy’s get fed manmeat.

Dana goes for an anal ride. Most women love anal play — if you can, talk her into riding your cock with her asshole! Awesome.

Yes, a womans asshole is a beautiful thing. So if you are a guy dont ignore her anus while you are having sex with a woman. You can begin by simply massaging the outer skin of her anus with your finger while fucking her missionary style… most girls wont argue with that and will enjoy it. From there you can slowly work your way to the point where you are fingerfucking her and she gladly allows your entire middle finger inside her anus. After that its a short skip and a jump to the point that you have her face down ass up and are generously humping her asshole with your cock. It feels great for the woman, not to mention how good it feels for a guy!

For me, there is absolutely nothing that can beat the sensation of carnally knowing a woman via her asshole – especially if you finish by blowing your load in her ass.

Here is a picture of a girl named Kylie Richards who shows us her beautiful asshole:
kylie richards

Hmmm… of course i am not going to be upset if a girl doesnt want me to fuck herasshole and she lets me Fuck Her Throat instead…stretch her mouth
Asterid has never opened her mouth so wide… another Exploited Teen.

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