The Anatomy of a Perfect Backside

Welcome back to where I blog about girl’s asses and provide ass pictures of girls I’ve fucked.

Today I am going to school you all on the breakdown of the Anatomy of a Perfect Ass.

For my sample ass I am going to use a pic of a girl wearing tight jeans… her ass in jeans looks awesome!

The background story: When I met this girl it was love at first sight… she looks like Bree Olsen – she is so pretty and her ass sooo hot — she made me wait 3 months before giving up that ass – it was worth the wait though! I finally fucked her from behind while she laid on the bed and I blew my load all over her asscheeks – I collapsed on top of her when I was done – it was a fuck session I will never forget!

Anyway, here is the breakdown of a perfect backside… a sexy thin waist, firm round asscheeks, full tight thighs, and nice shapely legs. See the diagram below.

picture of her ass
This girl let me take this picture of her perfect ass and I provide it to you for demonstration purposes.

Here’s another picture of a girl I fucked showing her ass in jeans. Also see these Milfs wearing jeans.

I also love the singer Shakira’s latina ass.

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Wanna know how I meet and fuck all these girls? Well its a skill I’ve practiced and practiced over years and years…

first you can’t have a fear of rejection when first breaking the ice with them – remember, its a numbers game, the more girls you talk to the better chance you are going to have of getting laid…

be bold – girls like a guy that has confidence but not cocky… compliment them on how pretty they are, how hot their body is etc, etc… what I like to do is take one body feature, such as her ass, legs, chest, neck, eyes, and keep ranting and raving about it at the right times… they love that!

- wine and dine them and dont talk too much about yourself… girls love to eat, drink and talk about themselves (make sure to listen!)… after a dinner with a girl I know lots about her and she doesnt know much about me except that she knows that I like her!

- then when you finally do get them in bed, dont just make it all about you! Lots of foreplay, clitrubbing, pussylicking and firm hard pounding – make sure you dont cum too soon!

- practice, practice, practice! At the gym, clubs, house parties, every chance you get chat up hot chicks and dont ignore the “ordinary looking girls” some of them have hot bodies and are craving cock just as much as the superhot chicks…

ok those are my womanizing pointers in a nutshell! Now visit AdultFriendFinder to run a free search of girls in your neighborhood looking for a date…


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